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his post citing an extra marital affair. good afternoon, i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm jim handily. we begin with that breaking news right now. keith joins us with the latest developments on this widely respected public figure. >> unacceptable. that's how david petraeus described his behavior to the letter sent out at the workforce at the cia. he met with president obama yesterday to see if he would accept his eresignation a director. he showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in that affair. him and his wife were together 37 years and he said that type of behavior is unacceptable as a husband and a leader of the cia. he's held the position of director since congress confirmed him last september, prior to that he led u.s. forces in both iraq and afghanistan. petraeus said the president accepted his resignation this
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afternoon. the president issued a statement a short time ago that read "i am completely confident that the cia will continue to thrive and carry out its position. going forward my thoughts and prayers are with dave and holly petraeus who has done so much to help military families through her own work. i wish them the very best at this difficult time." he was slated to testify next week on the deadly attack of the u.s. embassy and benghazi, libya. no word if that resignation will have any impact on that in absence, the current director will serve as director. much more on this story on keith russell, news 4. now to our other big story this afternoon, gunfire near the white house. and now police are warning the public about what the victims did. the commotion started on the 1800 block of jefferson place and ended near the white house this morning. as the victims rolled up to
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secret service officers with a bullet hole in their windshield and asked for help. jackie benson is live at the scene. >> jackie, what can you tell us about this brazen robbery and just how it unfolded. >> i can tell you, when you see one of the bulletholes in this vehicle, you realize this was a close call. now, what we're told is that a group of men said they were part of five leaving a popular late night club on 18th street northwest around 6:00 a.m. and they were approached by three men, two wearing ski masks and all three had guns. the suspects robbed the victims and then fled to a waiting car. at that point, two of the victims jumped in an suv and tried to follow until the suspects fired on them. the victims asked that we not show their faces. >> had the gun behind me.
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i looked at him, i smiled. >> police are searching for the suspects and their get away car. it's described as a silver lincoln with d.c. license plates. something about the dangers of taking the law into your own hands like this. we'll tell you more about this coming up on news 4 at 5:00. reporting live in northwest washington, jackie benson, news 4. >> thank you. this year's west nile virus outbreak is the worst in a decade. now, there is concern that the virus may havemitated to a more serious form. two scientists told "the washington post" the virus may be more damaging in recent years. they witnessed damage to the part of the brain connected to speech, language and thinking. a scientist with the cdc says there's no evidence that the virus has changed. the meningitis outbreak is growing. 50 cases reported in virginia.
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public state health officials say that new number includes three west virginia residents. they got infected after visiting an outpatient facility. two other people in virginia have died. it is linked to tainted steroid injections made by a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts. it was recalled in september. maryland had 23 cases of infections, including one death. no cases have been reported in the district. 31 people have died nationwide. turning to the weather now, a big change for the better is on the way, folks. >> yes. storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson has the outlook for the weekend. >> yeah, today was okay, but tomorrow is going to be nicer than sunday, i think very nice. and, of course, we have the sunshine today. breezy conditions as our temperatures are running just slightly higher from where they were yesterday. take a look, springfield and fa fairfax county 55 degrees and 56
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right now and riverdale at 55 and 58 degrees currentlial and 61 down in warrington. one of our warm spots down to the south. a clear skies here and clouds drifting through areas of pennsylvania and new york and our area of low pressure, that storm way off the coast, way up around the canadian maritimes today. temperatures even up north getting a chance to warm up and that will really be the case. even for them, this upcoming weekend, here's a look at your good night forecast by 7:00, 52 degrees and 49 at 9:00 and a chilly one, indeed for us. again, that very nice weather, wait until you see how high the temperatures are going to go. we'll look at it with the four-day forecast in just a few minutes. president obama will get another first-hand look at the damage from hurricane sandy. the white house announced he will travel to the new york area next thursday. he'll tour recovery efforts and thank first responders for their hard work. the president traveled to new jersey, you'll recall, just after the storm, but new york
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mayor michael bloomberg asked him not to visit manhattan because of the travel problems that would create. now, to the fiscal storm. today president obama and republican house speaker john boehner both laid out ideas to avert the so-called fiscal cliff. tax increases and spending cuts are due to hit in january, but today it seemed the two leaders and the bipartisan deal are still worlds apart. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with more on that. steve? >> you got it right. this is a restart of a high-stakes negotiation between those two men. the president and the speaker. the problem is beginning today where they left off, which is far apart. in a speech at the white house, president obama claimed the election proved most americans agree with his plan. that he calls balanced. cutting spending and hiking taxes to avoid the fiscal cliff. he said he's flexible -- >> but i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced.
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i am not going to ask students and seniors and middle class families to pay down the entire deficit while people like me making over $250,000 aren't asked to pay a dime more in taxes. >> reporter: he's calling in members of congress for fiscal cliff meetings next week. but the main republican negotiator, again, will be speaker john boehner. >> and the problem with raising tax rates on the wealthiest americans is that more than half of them are small business owners. we know 700,000 jobs will be destroyed. >> reporter: boehner insists the middle class and the government would get more money, if tax rates drop. >> we know that we're going to get more economic growth. it will bring jobs back to america. it will bring more revenue. >> reporter: republicans say they won't budge on taxes, unless democrats agree to cut the out of control costs of social security and medicare. raising the minimum ages to start. it's the same debate president
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obama had with mitt romney in a campaign that left him drained. this emotional video just released of his thank you to staffers in chicago. tears on barack obama's cheeks, looking a bit like john boehner can. but, now, they will battle. for the past four years up here, republicans had been super unified. not one defecting in some of the biggest fights. but, now, before his second term even begins, president obama is vowing to get gop allies for this fight. i'm steve handelsman, news 4, capitol hill. vice president joe biden will soon have two sons in the military. his youngest son, hunter, will join the navy. he will be commissioned into the navy reserve early next year assigned to the public affairs department. hunter just has to pass the required medical tests and training because he's 42, he needed a special waiver to join
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the program. biden's oldest son, bo, is a member of the army national guard. he serve d a year-long deploymet in iraq. the name george bush may soon appear on ballots. george p. bush filed paperwork. he is the nephew of former president george w. bush and the son of jeb bush. the youngest bush has not said what office he's seeking. it's still unclear who was at fault when a metro bus slammed into a car in maryfield. happened at wood burn road thi morning. the bus was heading to boston station when it t-boned the car. about 12 people were on the bus. a fairfax county fire rescue person told us at least one person was hospitalized, but is expected to be okay. one of the three brand-new escalators at dupont circle south entrance is back in service now, but metro is still trying to figure out what caused
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it to shut down. the transit agency says something tripped the emergency shut-off switch this morning. the two exterior escalators remained in service. they were able to get it back up and running for this afternoon. it reopened two weeks ago after eight months while the escalators were replaced. on the orange line, buses will replace trains between east falls church and clarendon. and trains will single track between vienna and east falls church. same thing between grovener and friendship heights on the red line. and green belt and college park on the green line. work starts tonight at 10:00 and will last through the day on monday. when news 4 at 4:00 continues, a "modern family" drama. a young actress is removed from her mother's custody following allegations of abuse. an airline pilot learns his fate which included a mid-air
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meltdown. and the actress who's bringing star power to maryland during a new movie shoot.
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back now with breaking news. president obama sai he has full confidence in the cia after acceptingresignation of its director, general petraeus. >> iraq and afghanistan cited an extra marital affair as the reason for stepping down. petraeus has served since director as september of last year and in a letter today, he said he showed poor judgment that he considered unacceptable as the director of that agency and as a husband. bond is back and getting some of the best reviews in years for this 23rd installment.
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>> bond, james bond. >> "skyfall" is directed by sam menendez. and another oscar winner plays the villain. film legend judi dench returns as bond's boss. she is under threat and in this installment she leaves the office and gets in on the action. meanwhile, judi dench is bringing her star power to our area today she's filming a new movie here in front of a house in potomac, maryland. residents that live nearby are both excited and concerned. river road, a quiet two-lane road that comes alive and turns into a heavily traveled artery and on into the district and unless you know where to look, this police officer is the only clue there is that bbc is filming a new movie starring
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oscar award winning actress judi dench, right here in potomac, maryland. >> i think it's cool for them to be in the area and such a beautiful area, might as well get the rest of the world to see it. >> reporter: it was a chilly morning, but that didn't stop production and in a video you'll only see on news 4 we got to watch them shoot a scene. >> it is really exciting. you know, hollywood comes to potomac. >> reporter: but the filming that began a little after 7:30 this morning is causing quite the back up and most of the potomac residents we spoke with said it's an even tradeoff for the recognition the town is getting. >> i think i'm okay with that. i think i saw some signs stating traffic will be backed up tomorrow. >> drive past it and see what's going on and making for an interesting commute. good story. >> reporter: not everyone was happy. this gentleman would rather see the production company use better consideration when planning their shoot times. >> i think they should just
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coordinate it on a day like saturday and sunday when it's not everybody coming in from the west. so, just making real big traffic mess. >> and as for the traffic, it hasn't been that bad. they were supposed to start at 6:00 a.m. and didn't start until 7:30 and there wasn't that much of a backup and they are supposed to go through 6:00 p.m. tonight which could was quite a bit of a traffic backup. parks and recs has a high-profile guest star. the movie filmed several scenes here in washington and this week they return after becoming engaged. >> thanks for coming with me to get our stuff. >> how can i pass up an opportunity to look at our future house. >> i kind of got you an engagement present. >> is it joe biden. >> yeah, it's joe biden.
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>> that's -- how did you do this? >> of course, you know, that's a show, not a movie. you can see vice president biden's cameo and it airs here on nbc 4. >> john mccain was on there in september. we love it when they come to this town. >> it mixes it up. i have always gotten a laugh from that show. >> they're hysterical. >> we're delighted by the weather. >> right, some smiles this weekend from everybody, i hope, who wants some sunshine and wants a break from the chill that we've had. in fact, this has been our longest stretch of consecutive days below average from 2009, 2010. get ready for a warm up and it looks like it will hang on not just through the weekend, but a little beyond that, as you'll see. let's take a look. national maul whe al mall where out and about and a little bit of a wind that continues to
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settle down here as we get into the afternoon and evening hours and, boy, has it been a great day. temperatures a little higher from where we were yesterday at this time and a little less wind. so, we're doing better and better. 57 degrees right now. reagan national airport, your wind is out of the north at 7 miles per hour and what we're going to see as we move into the early part of tomorrow is that wind will shift around to out of the south and it's that southerly wind that is going to allow some milder air to surge east. so, again, 57 degrees reagan national we're at 61 in culpepper and 60 in fredericksburg and 60 in stanton and 62 in petersburg. there's that line of milder air that we'll start moving through our area tomorrow. i do think we should get up to about 65 degrees for a high temperature tomorrow. look at that bristol down in tennessee, 60 degrees. 52 cleveland, 52 in college park and even those areas in pennsylvania and new york will get a chance to even warm up tomorrow. we've got 70s, even low 80s down
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around dallas. we're not going to get here, but i do think on sunday as we continue to see this mild air push eastward with some fairly flei nice sunshine a few neighborhoods topping out above 70 degrees on sunday. all right, for your good night wake-up forecast. chilly conditions for sure for the evening and then even tomorrow morning 41, 42 and that's still pretty nippy, as well. other locations starting out in the mid and upper 30s. we have a chilly, dry evening. notice the clouds coming into the area tomorrow. that is a warm front that is going to make it way up there to new york. we're going to see a few clouds with it tomorrow, not a big deal at all. partly sunny and, again, i'm still calling tomorrow nice as far as sky conditions and then even better on sunday. more sunshine throughout the area. all the way north to pennsylvania and all the way south down to the carolinas as high pressure moves in out ahead of our next front.
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milder and better-looking sky for sunday and the next weather front will not bring any rain to the area until some time after sun sets on monday. evening forecast, nice. 49 to 54 degrees with a northwest wind at five to ten. tomorrow morning, continued cool. a big range, 30 to 41 degrees and a light wind we'll have for tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, mild, 60 to 65 degrees. we'll see clouds increase, but, again, not a big deal at all. sunday, there's your sunshine. 70 degrees. again, a few neighborhoods over that and monday, veterans weekend d 72 for a high on monday and there's your rain right now, a 60% chance of not just rain, but we could even have just a little bit of thunder, too, coming away on tuesday. so, good weekend. we'll talk more about it in just a couple of minutes. >> all right. coming up on new 4z, why prosecutors have dropped the charges against a former syracuse basketball coach accused of child sex abuse. i'm liz crenshah.
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why do some cranberry juices also contain grape juice? are ingredients always listed in most important and how do you reduce your heating bill? it's friday, it's time to "ask liz." >> maybe we doeb have to do the heating bill this weekend, veronica said it will be warm. >> we will be needing it soon. first question from joan in silver spring. she asks, why does 100% juice cranberry list grape juice as the first ingredient? >> this woman is reading her labels. we went directly to oceanspray unlike orange juice, it's not naturally sweet it's more similar to lemon or lime juice. no natural sweetener and needed to so they use other juices if it's 100% juice product and, in this particular product they use
4:25 pm
grape juice to sweeten the juice and enhance the flavor of the cranberry. they need more grape juice than cranberry. >> they're just throwing in sugar. >> they're using grape juice. >> interesting to know. as a follow-up question. how are ingredients listed on a product label? are they listed to the greatest amount used to the least amount used? >> we went to the food and drug administration for this answer. fda does require that all ingredients in a product be listed on a label, ingredients should be listed in the order of greatest amount used to least amount used. for the 100% juice cranberry example, since grape juice is listed first, it means it has the most of that ingredient in the product. more grape than cranberry in that product. >> cranberry with grape. lots of it. . the question from cheryl in laurel is, she heats her home with electricity and she's already seen an increase in her heating bill this year. she wants to know if there were any type tips you can give her to keep cost down.
4:26 pm
>> we did turn to pepco and they said there are easier ways to lower energy use and save money on your electric bill. first, set your thermostat to 768 degrees during the day and 60 at night. dressing warmly and lowering that thermostat you can lower 3% per degree that you lower the thermostat below 70 on your heating bill. you'll drop that thing 3%. next change your filters in your machines. this helps maintain the heating system by making sure it is running efficiently and winterize your windows by using weather stripping and caulk. and if you have a question you'd like us to consider, send it to on facebook by searching liz crenshah's consumer watch. how can you donate items like clothing and shoes to those affected by hurricane sandy. can leaving your lights on in a laundry room help those hang
4:27 pm
drying clothes dry faster. find out the answers at 5:00. we'll see you then. >> i did that this week. >> join me at 5:00. >> the wheels just rolled right over them. >> were those the ones you were supposed to rake, pat. coming up on news 4 at 14:00 the 14-year-old "modern family" actress who was taken from her mother's custody because of abuse allegations. david petraeus resigns as head of the head of the
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welcome back, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. david petraeus has resigned from his post as cia director admitting he had an extra mareful affair. it is a story you heard first on nbc news. president obama accepted petraeus' resignation today. >> in a statement today the president said he has confidence that the cia will continue its mission. deputy director mike morall has been named as acting director today. we will talk live with kristen welker about the reaction from
4:31 pm
the white house. heading into the weekend, let's check on the weather with meteorologist veronica johnson. >> three hands up in the air because it's going to be really, really nice weather and a lot of folks are excited because they have been itching to get outside. we'll talk about the evening and we have the sun just about ready to set before 5:00 today. look at that sunset there from the guylord resort looking towards the will droe wilson bridge. 55 leesburg and 60 right now, though, in warrenten. we'll drop overnight and chilly, back down to the 30s and even 29 culpepper to pax river and 41 degrees your overnight temperature there in d.c. and then tomorrow's high temperature, 60 to 64 degrees. the other thing that i've got to talk about coming up in a couple minutes are those weekend events. today opening tomorrow, too. starting at 10:00 a.m. is the
4:32 pm
rockville ice rink. montgomery county, a lot of folks getting out and how ironic this is a mild weekend for us. events for the weekend and a look at your extended forecast in just a few. she's a hit on the hit comedy "modern family" but today more drama for ariel winter. her mother is accused of mentally and physically abusing the 14-year-old and as jason kennedy reports, winter has been removed from her mother's care. >> i'm not giving you my design. >> reporter: plays alex dunfphy on me "modern family." >> do you think she got framed? >> reporter: now her real family has been swept up in a nasty dispute. a judge removed winter from her mother after the child star and her adult sister accused their mother of abuse. in court papers filed last month, they said that winter has been the victim of ongoing
4:33 pm
physical abuse, slapping, hitting, pushing and emotional abuse vial name caller for an extended period of time. a judge granted temporary guardianship to winter's older sister and ordered the mother not to have any contact with her teenage daughter until the hearing scheduled for later this month. >> the judge is not saying that the mother abused her. the judge made a determination that it's in the best interest of ariel to remove her from the house temporarily and giving custody to the sister until all the facts and all the evidence could come out in the case. >> reporter: winter's mother denies the allegations. in a statement to nbc news, she says, "i would never abuse her in any way and i always tried my best to always protect her and do what is right for her." she also says her daughter's claims of abuse are a response to the mother's disapproval of the 14-year-old's relationship with her 18-year-old boyfriend. when i caught them engaging in
4:34 pm
behavior that i feel my daughter is too young to understand and grasp, i put a stop to it. i thought she would cry and sulk and eventually her broken heart would have healed. i would never dream she would take it to this level. this is not the first algigz of abuse against winter's mother. the elder daughter, also an actress made similar claims two decades ago and, as a result, was placed in the care of her grandmother. in workman's statement she said her older daughter has come out of the woodwork once it was announced that the kids on the show got a big raise recently. she has only seen her little sister maybe ten times in the last 14 years. they have no relationship and her motives are not out of love, but out of spite. as for winter, she is reportedly back on the set of "modern family" sharing laughs with her fictional family awaiting the next round in this legal drama. >> as a childhood star it's
4:35 pm
enough working in hollywood and add on a scandal like this and it's a difficult situation. >> a fmally doctor issued a declaration saying she has neve seen any evidence that winter was ever abused. federal prosecutors are dropping their sex abuse investigation into former syracuse assistant basketball coach bernie fein. investigators say they did not find sufficient evidence to support the allegations. a 23-year-old man claimed fein molested him in 2002 and later admitted he was lying. two former syracuse ball boys claimed fein molested them but the statute of limitations prevented a limitation into those claims. fein denied the charges but was fired after the accusations became public. the husband of gabrielle giffords said his wife did not initially want to attend the
4:36 pm
sentencing, but decided about a month ago to do it for a sense of resolution. mark kelly described their appearance on "today" show this morning. he said he felt jared loughner was listening to him when he addressed him in the courtroom yesterday. kelly told loughner that he changed giffords' life forever, but did not dent her spirit. >> so we moved to the left side of the podium so we could look directly at him. you know, gabby's eyes were locked on his the entire time. as i read our statement, you know, i kept looking up and his expression would change. he was paying attention to what we were saying. wasn't really happy at points and, you know, i almost felt like, you know, during that whole few minutes that he and gabby were having quite the staring contest. >> also said it was pretty intense to sit just 30 feet away from loughner. loughner was sentenced to life in prissen for the january 2011 shooting attack in tucson that left six people dead. giffords and 12 others were
4:37 pm
wounded. there is more to come on news 4 at 4:00. think your allergies are bad now? we'll tell you when the pollen count is expected to double. >> we're following the breaking news this evening on david petraeus and his resignation from the cia. who else could be on their way out from the obama white
4:38 pm
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one of the original tuskegee airman died. he was one of the first members of the famed 99th fighter squadron. the first black aviators in u.s. military. carter flew 77 missions during world war ii, crash landing just once. lieutenant colonel carter was
4:40 pm
95. getting into the cystine chapel could be more difficult for tourists. the vatican is considering a daily limit to the number of visitors inside in order to protect michael anglo's iconic. it has an elaborate climate control to accommodate the 10,000 people that visit every day. right now, there's no daily limit on the number of visitors. when news 4 at 4:00 continues, how your family pet might be able to predict the weather. veronica, what do you think about that? >> i think we needed the coat today for sure, but get ready to put that coat away. speaking of pets that know how to forecast. i'll introduce you to mine coming up
4:41 pm
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4:43 pm
predicting the weather can take an advanced degree and some highly technical equipment and animals can often figure out the forecast just by instinct. animals respond to low pressure systems which can make them behave differently when a storm is on the way. some people think animals like a caterpillar can signal a colder weather based on how much fur they have. >> think there is some trulthth some of that, but anything longer than two or three months
4:44 pm
is probably stretching it. >> the fact that some pets can sense changes in weather explains why they sometimes go and hide or act funny hours before a storm even arrives. >> i can vouch for that. mine howls or makes a mess, which is never a good thing. i know it's going to be nasty. >> goes in hiding. >> they do that. they get scared. >> my dog doesn't think he is a dog. he is at home sitting in front of the computer. nemo thinks he knows everything. well, of course, he has been around -- >> he wears glasses. >> exactly. he's 16 and has been around for a while and he's got everything down. >> read radar and maps. >> for sure. >> he takes after you. >> i come home and he says, no, here's what i think. there you go. nemo who thinks he knows everything. let's take a look outside because we have sunshine, right? also the sun is just about ready to set and when it does, it will get pretty chilly, too. 57 degrees from d.c. west to monanassas and prince william
4:45 pm
county and upper 50s in culpepper and down through stafford and in towards virginia there. low 50s gaithersburg, montgomery county and howard county, too. chilly for the overnight and then warming up nicely tomorrow and especially on sunday. here's where we'll be by 9:00 and 11:00 pp 49 to 47 degrees and sun sets today at 4:59 and up tomorrow at 6:46 with a clear sky and sunshine, but then clouds, again, quickly increasing as a warm front gets ready to move low. the other thing, this is veterans weekend and lots of activities going on, including heart walk which will be taking place southeast d.c. saturday, tomorrow morning at 9:30 at nationals park south capital street southeast. the temperature, 47 degrees. again, clouds increasing. so, from sunshine to partly sunny sky. let me take you through the day as that warm front comes through and, again, we'll see clouds.
4:46 pm
by afternoon, mostly sunny perhaps by the late afternoon and evening hours and then mostly clear for saturday night and even sunday morning. we have loads of sunshine across the area on sunday and as high pressure moves in briefly and our next weather front until monday late, early tuesday morning where we'll see some showers around the area. increasing clouds tomorrow, nice and mild. 60 to 65 degrees and here's a look at that four-day forecast. the weekend, upper 60s to 70 to 72 degrees sunday and monday. there's your rain for monday and when that front comes in, it should be early enough that our temperatures will be back down to the 50s and we'll stay in the 50s then most of next week. so, this warm up, folks, that we're going to get, you want to get out and enjoy the weekend. it's not going to stick around very long. jim, pat? >> veronica, thanks. if you think it was a bad year for allergies, brace yourself. some allergists are predicting our pollen count will double by the year 2040.
4:47 pm
nbc's erica edwards will have more on how bad it is going to get and how to protect yourself. >> reporter: allergists have looked into the future and see a lot more of this. >> with each year, i continue to see a rise in allergies and an increase in allergy patients. >> reporter: new research presented at a meeting of college and asthma and seasonal allergies will get worse as pollen counts double. the reason is climate change. allergists say it's not -- >> as we see a rise in greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide, this fuels the growth for pollinating plants, so, it leads to an increase in allergies. >> reporter: in the year 2000, pollen production began in april and peaked in may. allergists predict by the year 2040, that peak will come a month earlier. that means the suffering may begin earlier each spring and possibly last longer.
4:48 pm
so other than starting a stockpile of kleenex, what can we do? in addition to booking an appointment, you can shower before bed, clean your glasses, keep your windows closed and wash pets that can drag aller n allergens in from outside. erica edwards, nbc news. >> oh, well. we're feeling it. >> we sure are. buyer beware. still ahead at 4:00. how hurricane sandy means you're buying a lemon when you buy a used car. and a pilot learns his fate today after terrifying a plane full of passengers that included a break down about screaming about terrorists. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, the director of the cia resigns. we'll go live to the white house for reaction. news 4, pat collins talked to that mailman who found that elderly woman who was attacked
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the jetblue pilot arrested after having a midflight meltdown is free to go. his plane had to make an emergency landing in march when he left the cabin and ran through the plane yelling about terrorists. he was charged with interfering with a flight crew. the judge found the pilot not
4:52 pm
guilty by reason of insanity in july but ordered he would still be held in jail for a mental evaluation. he had another psychotic episode in august, but today he was released. another after effect from sandy. a lot of flooded cars. at least 16,000 cars may have been damaged in the storm. companies like edmonds warn that many of those cars will be cleaned and resold. they say it's a common scheme for dealers to resell the cars in another part of the country. to avoid buying a once flooded car, experts recommend checking vehicle history reports. they also say to look for debris or water lines inside the car, trunk and engine compartment. we've been following breaking news about david petraeus and his resignation
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we've been following breaking news about david petraeus and his resignation as cia director and he's not the only one expected to leave the obama white house. here's a live shot of the white house as chuck todd reports, the president is also expected to replace several high-profile secretaries.
4:56 pm
in the video released by the obama campaign, a tearful president thanks his campaign workers. >> you guys, what you guys accomplished people will read about it and marvel about it, but the most important thing you need to know is that your journey is just beginning. >> reporter: now the president is getting ready for some big changes. this time to his cabinet. mr. obama's top three secretaries all expected to leave in the next few month, possibly before the end of the year. secretary clinton has repeatedly said she's on her way out. >> i want to then take some time to get reconnected to, you know, the stuff that makes life worth living. you know, family, friends, the sort of activities that i enjoy. >> reporter: the one-time rival to barack obama may be replaced by another former presidential candidates. massachusetts senator john kerry. chairman of the foreign relations committee. another candidate, tom donolin
4:57 pm
and perhaps another controversial choice, susan rice. she was the obama administration's representative who gave the initial incorrect intelligence of the benghazi attacks. still most insiders believe rice and kerry are the two insiders. clinton's eventual replacement will be on solid ground. >> the advantage over a president who has got their bearings about what they want to accomplish around the world. >> reporter: at treasury, the top candidate to replace tim geithner, white house chief of staff jack lew who also served the president as the budget director. the president may decide to keep lew where he is and look else where. at the pentagon, leen panetta's departure probably won't happen unit thill spring but the short list includes michelle flournoy who served as the policy chief during the president's first term. she would be the first woman to head defense. jack reed a west point graduate
4:58 pm
and veteran of the armed services committee. and john kerry, if the president doesn't tap him for state. says he's still undecided about staying on. he reportedly told law students in baltimore thursday, "do i have some gas left in the tank? that's something i'm in the process now of trying to determine." >> these are intense, critical jobs and, yeah, there's a high burnout factor. now at 5:00 tonight, a shocking resignation, the director of the cia steps down citing an extra merriarital aff a shooting and chase that ends near the white house. hear from the mailman who found an 81-year-old woman attacked in here home. good evening on this busy friday. we're going to begin with this breaking news. david petraeus resigns as director of the cia and he does so just a year after he takes that post.
4:59 pm
>> he has been married for 37 years but had an affair. nbc news broke the story two hours ago and kristen welker joins us live from the white house with reaction from the four-star yerl and from president obama. kristen? >> good evening, wendy and jim. this is stunning news for lawmakers and director petraeus had a sterling reputation here. retired four-star general who led the wars in iraq and afghanistan. this certainly comes as a surprise to everyone here in the nation's capital. now, according to senior administration officials, director petraeus met with president obama yesterday. it was during that meeting that he offered his resignation and then today president obama accepted his resignation just a short time therefore. president obama released this statement. i believe we have a graphic of the statement and i'm going to read you just a portion of it. president obama says "today i accepted his hes resignation as director of the central intelligence

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